Online exam portal by ThinkMerit Classroom comes with a variety of features which helps students in attempting exam, helps teachers in conducting exam and helps admin in managing exam.

Our development team constantly interact with teachers, students and school management to solve the issues they are facing.

Live classes with auto attendance. Track every student join and leave time instantly.
4-way proctoring – video + image + audio + screen proctoring. Don’t give a chance to your student to cheat.
Advanced proctoring logs. General activity logs, captured snapshots powered by artificial intelligence and audio logs.

Multiple question paper formats. Subjective, MCQ (with any number of options), true-false and much more.

Question bank repository with over 3 lakh+ questions.

E-learning platform for sharing notes, video and assignments with students directly.

Simple test interface for students.

Student’s test portal and teacher’s portal can be easily accessed through all the laptop and mobile devices.

Teachers/admins can pause, resume, terminate test and give extra time with just one click.

In-built chat feature to directly interact with the invigilating teacher.

Automated evaluation for objective type questions and online.
Generate your school academic report card, rank list and class wise summary in just one click.

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